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Disinfectant PeraSafe Sterilising Powder (81g) for Infection Control

Disinfectant PeraSafe Sterilising Powder (81g) for Infection Control
Price: £15.54 Ex VAT: £12.95
Manuf part number: MIC-36-SSC5000A
PeraSafe Sterilising Powders 81g for Infection Control, A powder system for the safe and rapid Sterilisation of medical devices. The active agents are formed by dissolving the powder in water giving an aqueous solution. PeraSafe is proven effective against bacteria (including mycobacterium), viruses, spores and fungi, is non-damaging to sensitive instruments and is compatible with automated endoscope reprocessors. PeraSafe has independently proven efficacy against viruses;


(including HIV and Hepatitis B & C)
Bacteria (Ps. aeruginosa)
Mycobacteria (MIA, TB)
Fungi (Candida albicans) and Spores (B. subtilis)
PeraSafe is suitable for use in Automated Endoscope Reprocessors or immersion baths.
Only 10 minutes contact time is needed for Sterilisation, 81mg
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